Advantages of process validation:

  • After validation you are allowed to export your digestate.
  • More input options for your digester; for example, after validation, you are allowed to digest animal byproducts (like supermarket mix).
  • Lower investments, lower energy and exploitation costs compared to pasteurization .
  • Low one-time costs for validation

Process validation of fermentation, composting and manure treatment plants.

Plants treating category 3 materials are obliged to comply to EU regulation concerning animal by-products (no) 1096/2009. This implies implementing either one of the following options:

  1. Pasteurization (12mm, 60 minutes at 70°C).
  2. The process treatment needs to be validated.

What is a process validation?

According to the EU regulation the plant needs to provide evidence that during process treatment (composting/digestion) a minimum inactivation rate of pathogenic micro-organsims is guaranteed. During a process validation study, inactivation of indicator micro-organisms will be studied on site within the actual process. The method used has been developed by Elsinga Policyplanning and Innovation B.V. In cooperation with, among others, the Dutch food safety authority (NVWA) and the Dutch normalization institute (NEN) this method has been registered as a Dutch technical agreement (NTA8777 (NL)). Elsinga Policyplanning and Innovation B.V. is fully certified to execute this validation study. Based on the study results, process parameters that ensure the minimum inactivation rate (time-temperature combination) will be derived.

Advantages of the method of Elsinga Policy Planning and Innovation bv:

  • Experience: more than 30 companies already validated.
  • Competent and experienced staff in preparation of tailor-made proposals.
  • Experienced in executing validation study in a variety of plants and processes.
  • The proposal will be discussed with the client before sending it to the Food Safety Authority.
  • After positive confirmation of the Food Safety Authority the process validation study will be executed.
  • Results will be presented in high-quality report.
  • Staff of Elsinga Policy planning and Innovation are experienced in implementing the study results in your HACCP document.