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  • LCA diaper recycling

    Recycling of diapers gives a saving of approximately 480 kilograms of CO2-eq per ton of diapers in the comparison with incineration with energy recovery. This is shown by a life cycle analysis carried out by CE Delft. In this comparison, recycling provides benefits for all three environmental damage categories:

    1. a. human health
    2. b. ecosystems (living communities of organisms)
    3. c. raw materials

    More than a year has been tested with a pilot installation. ARN is going to build and commission a large installation this year. The recycling method heats used diapers together with sewage sludge to 250 °C with steam. This removes pathogens and medicines. The products from the diapers are biogas, biomass and plastics. The entire chain was included in the comparison; from collection to finished products.

    (report January 2018)

  • [NL] Corporate Social Responsibility Elsinga
    (rapport MVO)
  • [NL] ESBL depletion in poultry processing
    (rapport 2012)
  • [NL] Dutch Technical Appointment 8777 for validation fermentation and composting installations.
    (Explanation fermentation system)
  • [NL] Waste treatment in the Netherlands
    (rapport 2004)

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