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Our services

  • Strategic policy planning
  • Innovation and technology
  • File research & legal affairs

Our focus is on waste management, based on a 10 years experience in management and governance in the waste sector.

The results

Strategic policy planning

  • Clear policy and sustainable course for the future.

Innovation and technology

  • Better anticipation on market developments with your organization as a starting point.

File research & legal affairs

  • Your legal position is based on a strong file.

Value for money

Our approach is professional, quick, targeted and without overhead.

Costs are low.

Financial benefits are high compared with the costs.

Project 1.

Diaper recycling

Infographic that shows the process of diaper recycling well. This method is implemented as a legoblock in current processing systems and the sale of finished products is regulated.

Check out the bigger version here.

Project 2.

Fermentation and composting in De Meerlanden

The biogas upgrading facility, next to the digesters and composting facility at De Meerlanden. Projectmanagement by Elsinga Policyplanning en Innovation B.V.
[NL] Reportage explaining the fermentation installation.

Infographic on the sustainable processing of organic waste in fermentation and composting plants.

Bigger version.